How long has Polka Dot Dairy been in business?
We were established in 1956.

What’s your Customer Service Plan?
Company Services - Direct Store Delivery (DSD). Our delivery personnel serve as our customers’ main company contact. They are trained to assist customers in product rotation, inventory control, and in many cases, product ordering and stocking.

What about Special Deliveries?
Emergency Service - “Special Deliveries.” We do not charge for special deliveries if we are able to accommodate. If the need for delivery is due to a driver error, we guaranty that a special delivery will be made.

Why is Polka Dot Dairy unique?
We are a small, family-owned and operated company that values steady growth and long term customer relationships.

All of our fluid dairy products are labeled and certified rBST / rBGH free. This means that our producers do not use artificial growth hormones in their milk-producing cows.

In addition to the high quality (and genuinely delicious flavor) of our products, customers can rely on our exceptional service. Our delivery personnel are trained to assist customers with many facets of their dairy presentation. Furthermore, our small size allows customers to interact directly with ownership, which results in quality relationships and responsiveness to customers’ needs.

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