About Polka Dot

Our Story

When they formed Polka Dot Dairy in 1956, Wally Pettit and Herb Koch likely had no idea that their tiny dairy distribution business would one day be celebrated for 50 years of service to its loyal customer base. The principles that they built their business on have remained firmly at the center of Polka Dot’s business philosophy. High quality dairy products sold at fair prices, delivered with outstanding service - this is the tradition on which Polka Dot Dairy was built.

Since 1987, when Wally Pettit became sole owner, the commitment to service has continued. Today, the Pettit family carries on the high standards that led to the company’s growth and prosperity. With a fleet of trucks transporting an assortment of over 100 dairy products to an ever-growing number of loyal customers, Polka Dot is viewed as one of the leading suppliers to the grocery and convenience store market in Minnesota and western Wisconsin.
Strong commitment to family involvement in the daily operation of Polka Dot is another important part of the tradition. Though Wally passed away in 2005, his vision, work ethic, commitment to outstanding service and leadership is still felt throughout the company. And so, the tradition continues to grow, changing and adjusting to new challenges in the marketplace, but always adhering to the same basic foundational principles - great products, fair products, and outstanding service.
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